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Post by S on Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:55 pm

Hello, thank you for your interest in joining Catalyst. We are a drama-free and relaxed faction. We do not take the game too seriously so if this game is an alternate reality for you, please close this page now. We are a TW/RPK faction and we are very selective about the members we allow into the guild.

You will not be admitted simply because you have good gear, or because you have friends in the faction. Take your time completing the following application. If you want to join us bad enough, we should be able to recognize the effort put into your application. The acceptance of applicants will be made by Catalyst officers.

Once Guild Rules have been read and understood,
please fill up an application form by clicking HERE.

Your application will be kept confidential among members or officers,
and expect to be contacted by our officers until a decision has been made.

Thanks, and good luck.

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