Application Rules (Read before applying)

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Application Rules (Read before applying)

Post by Barbapapa on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:17 pm

Hello, thank you for your interest in joining Catalyst. We are a drama-free and relaxed faction. We do not take the game too seriously so if this game is an alternate reality for you, please close this page now. We are a TW/RPK faction and we are very selective about the members we allow into the guild. You will not be admitted simply because you have good gear, or because you have friends in the faction. Take your time completing the following application. If you want to join us bad enough, we should be able to recognize the effort put into your application. The acceptance of applicants will be made by Catalyst officers.

To apply, simply visit this thread and fill out an Application Form.

Recruitment Standards:

Barbarians: LvL 100+ (20k+ HP in Tiger Form)
Blademasters: LvL 100+
Clerics: LvL 100+
Archers: LvL 100+
Mages: LvL 100+
Venomancer: LvL 100+
Assassins: Lv.104+ with OP gear, though we'd rather take your main character that is actually useful. Use your sin to farm gear for a character that actually matters in TW.
Psychics: LvL 95+
Earthguard: LvL 95+ (will consider gear from main)

(9th of November, 2011)

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Re: Application Rules (Read before applying)

Post by Barbapapa on Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:04 pm


World PvP

- We are an RPK faction. You may kill anyone in world pvp that is not in Catalyst (This includes guild mate's alts - though if you know its an alt of a guild member we encourage you to be considerate - but there is no penalty for this). Do Not Kill Guild mates, ever, period. We may have allied guilds in the future, but these alliances will be strictly for TW. World PvP will be fair game. We ask that in world pvp if there is an allied guild and a not allied guild, you give favor to the guild which we are allied with. That being said, there will be no penalty for killing an allied guild in world PvP. We will make sure the terms are understood by any guild we extend an alliance invitation to.


- We are a drama free guild. Do not bring any inter-player conflicts to guild chat. If you are participating in drama in guild chat, you will be suspended from guild or permanently banned at the discretion of the core officers. We prefer that you handle individual non-guild related disputes on your own between the person you are having problems with. We are not councilors and are not here to help you through your personal problems or relationships.

Territory Wars

- We are a TW faction - however, this does not mean we have the same goal as in zulu. The realistic goal of this guild is to maintain a 'tight-knit' group atmosphere. This goal trumps our goal of map domination. At a later time we may re-evaluate our goals and set new priorities. At the time being, we will not be inviting people to guild ONLY to help with TW.

- Everyone is expected to be active for TW. You are expected to sign up for TW. You are expected to be charmed for TW and have Apothecary pots. These will not be provided in bulk like in Zulu. You will be responsible for your own pots. You will be expected to listen to and execute TW orders. If you are not familiar with how we execute a TW, speak with an officer and familiarize yourself with this information. It is essential that you know your role in TW as an individual and team mate and that you execute this role every TW.

Applications // Voting // Inviting Members to Faction

- For the time being all inviting will be done by officers of the rank Marshal and higher. Executors are not permitted to invite new members. Please take note of this - this is a different system than Zulu voting. We may allow comments on applications or we may simply request that if you have an issue with someone who is applying, you PM an officer about the issue. We are using this system to prevent what happened in Zulu and giving newer members the voting majority. This way your voice is still heard, but we will first and foremost maintain the guild composition we intended from the start.

- Rage quitting guild: don't do it. We've learned by now that if you're willing to rage quit guild over 1 or 2 people, you probably don't care that much about the guild itself. Rage quitters are likely inevitable, and the policy for re-invite is at the discretion of the core officers. Be warned, if you rage quit, you may not get re-invited. If you're considering it, talk to an officer about it before you do.

Catalyst Image / Reputation

- Our goal in Catalyst is to maintain a Strong respected core group of people. We are carefully choosing the members we invite to the guild, so if you are here it is because we respect you and want you in this group. Though we are RPK, the server is changing and RPK guilds will be designed to fail. We are not Zulu. We are aiming to maintain a respectful image. World PvP is obviously permitted and encouraged. However, Catalyst will be seeking to create inter-guild relations with some of the people we used to be enemies with. Please take this into consideration before raging or trolling. Trash talking our opponents after TW will not be accepted. There were members in Zulu who did this and honestly, they just made themselves look like idiots for doing it. Trashing about charm-rape etc. is dumb and we do not want to present ourselves in that manner. Anyone we decide is giving Catalyst a poor image and being counter-productive to our goals is subject to suspension or permanent ban.

Alts Policy

- We have no issues with having alts in faction. Most likely, a lot of people will be trying out the new race/classes soon so we expect quite a few lowbie alts in faction when they do. However, we want to point out that if you want your alt in faction, it should be because it is an active alt that is being used for something. Either to run Nirvana, run BHs, do FCs in faction or do daily faction quests for guild contribution when they are released. We don't want to see random low-level alts that are in the faction just for the heck of it, because it is quite pointless. Being able to do multiple BHs on a daily basis is good, because if gives the faction members more opportunities to get their BH done, so we support that. Just ask yourself: "Will you really play this alt on a daily basis or are you just trying to get all your chars under the same tag?" Please keep that in mind when you are trying to get your alt into the faction and think about it yourself before asking.

Have Fun!

- This is a wordy rule section, but we are (like Zulu originally intended to be) a very laid back, minimal rule, low maintenance faction. These rules are just to limit drama so we all have more fun and keep our guild moving in the direction we want it to go. I think with the group we have right now and some future additions, we can achieve a lot and have the gaming experience we're all seeking. We invited the people we have because these are the people we feel have been on the same page as our core.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to pm myself or another officer. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of our officers.

PS. there is no penalty for playing other games while being in this guild. So don't rage at someone for doing it.

(13th of April, 2011)

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